Get Rid of Fleas in House

The day has come, huh? If you are serious in your intention to get rid of fleas in house, arm yourself with patience and knowledge: the enemy CAN be destroyed! – Military language, yes, I know, but that’s pretty much the mindset you need for this kind of fight: you will need to plan your activities carefully and to perform them in a timely manner.

Before we begin: Know your enemy

Life cycle of a flea is its biggest weapon. The stage that bothers your pet, adult flea that sucks its blood, makes only about 5% of the entire flea population in the environment, and not the most resilient one. Simple math: if you kill 5 adult fleas, you can count on another 95 in other forms, specifically: 50 eggs, 35 larvae and 10 in pupate stage (providing the 5 you’ve killed are the only ones in adult stage). See where’s the problem? Getting rid of fleas in the house is possible though – so many have done it, and so can you!

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How to get rid of fleas in your house – the “do-it-yourself” way


Obviously, it’s easier to call an exterminator, but you can actually do it yourself, if that’s what you want. You will need a couple of hours, a vacuum cleaner, an insecticide and a product for your pet’s treatment.

Simply put, you need to break their life cycle. To do that, you will need to treat your pet, your house and your yard all on the same day, because there are probably all four forms of flea in the surroundings. You HAVE to hit them all at once, this isn’t negotiable!

Remove any living creature from the house before you start – that includes fish aquariums too.

vacuuming Get Rid of Fleas in House

First step: Vacuum

I suppose you do this regularly, but this time you have to give your best: vacuum carefully every corner of your house, use the nozzle attachment of the vacuum cleaner where needed, and pay special attention to dark crevices, corners, under furniture, rugs, pet beds. Besides from vacuuming up eggs, larvae and pupae, the vibrations from vacuuming will act as a calling to the fleas that still hide inside the cocoon, to come  out of it, which will make them vulnerable to the insecticide that you will use in the next step.

When you finish, dispose of the contents of the vacuum cleaner, and wash it if possible.



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Second step: Insecticide

When buying one, read the label and look for the ones that contain IGR = Insect Growth Regulator. This is the protein that stops fleas in stages of eggs and larvae from developing to maturity – they won’t be able to lay eggs, so the cycle stops.

You shouldn’t use your vacuum cleaner for another two weeks, because of the insecticide sprayed.

insecticide Get Rid of Fleas in HouseThere are many products that contain IGR, but this one is what professionals use,  so I wouldn’t search any further: Precor 2000 Plus (the link will take you directly to Amazon, it costs about $14). Now, you may not like using chemicals in and around your house, but there are no effective home remedies to kill fleas in all stages, they simply won’t work. After all, you will only need to do it once.

Now, spray everywhere you can reach. If you can’t reach a corner, then move the furniture or do what ever it takes so that the spray reaches under beds, rugs, furniture; fleas in all stages of their life cycle avoid the light, so what ever crack you see on the floor – spray it.

Then go outside, to the yard, and repeat the process. You can use the same insecticide that you used inside the house, and spray the places where your pet spends time, particularly where it sleeps. You can skip the sunny parts of the yard, it’s highly unlikely that any form of flea feels happy there.

In the stage just before hatching, pupa, fleas are protected by the cocoon, practically impenetrable by insecticides, so vacuuming is the safest bet against them. However, it’s possible that you will not be able to vacuum every single pupa in the house, and you may expect another set of fleas in two weeks.

Third step: Pets

Flea collars and flea powders – forget about them. The new generation of products is much safer for both pets and humans, and much more effective. Frontline is top spot product for this – there are several kinds of this product for dogs and cats, you can use the link above to the Amazon store to check them, just type “frontline” in the search field.

Another option are tablets, if you prefer that, equally effective, but they can produce side effects and can be quite expensive.

… possible… Fourth step: Fleas are back after two weeks

Those are the ones that were hiding inside the cocoon when you were performing your exterminator tour. This is something you can expect if you had a particularly heavy flea infestation originally. Well, repeat the process, and this time should be the last, that’s why you used an insecticide  with IGR ;)

Ok. Get rid of fleas in house, check. Once you’re done, try not to let your pets get in contact with other animals. A single flea might be enough for the infestation to start all over again, and I’m sure you don’t want to go through this again.



3 Responses to Get Rid of Fleas in House

  1. laiya says:

    how long in tell pets can come back in the house, they will just be sitting in the car when i do this and i dont want to leave them out to long

  2. racy says:

    from what ive read on the foggers it states no human or animals should be exposed fo atleast 4 hours

  3. Lizz says:

    Thanks!! I was looking for remedies on how to get rid of flea bites and infestations :] I called an exterminator to finish off the rest and I also did the final part (part 4) so then it would be easier for me. Luckily I got rid of the fleas and now my newborn kittens and cats can live flea free :]

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